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1977 - Fred Bear's Family Diner opens up (I'm guessing the year 1977 as 5NaF is based off Chuck E. Cheese's, which was also founded in the exact same year).  There are two animatronics to entertain children: Fred Bear (aka Golden Freddy) and Spring Bonnie (aka Spring Trap).  During a birthday party, a child is murdered outside by a mysterious man in a purple suit.  The last thing the child saw before his death was Fred Bear through the glass door.

1977-1987 - The incident after the murder and the inability to find the killer results in the original owners being forced to close down Fred Bear's Diner.  Sometime shortly after, new owners are given ownership and rights to the diner.  Fred Bear's is re-opened under the new name "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria."  Fred Bear and Spring Bonnie are set aside in storage for four new animatronics : Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken and Foxy the Pirate Fox.  The murderer returns and is employed as a night watchman after "phone guy" is employed as a part time manager.  Using the old Fred Bear animatronic as a suit and remembering to remove the hazardous spring-locked endoskeleton, the murderer lures five more unsuspecting children to their deaths and hides their bodies in the animatronics.  The incident and growing odor of decay forces Freddy Fazbear's to close its old doors temporarily until the company relocates to a bigger building with state of the art security.  A suspected murderer is convicted while the real murderer continues to work at the new location as a day-shift security officer.  A new night guard, Jeremy Fitzgerald, is hired to fill the murderer's old position.  The four animatronics are put into storage and replaced with four toy versions of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy (who is later nicknamed Mangle).  These toy animatronics are built with face-recognition technology that is tied into the criminal database.  In addition, a balloon boy animatronic and puppet are also created and displayed for this new location.  On the second day after the grand re-opening, the murderer attempts to strike again.  As a result of this, the ghost of the very first victim inhabits the puppet in the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and gives life to the stored away animatronics by having the ghosts of his other victims possess them as well.  The old animatronics walk around the restaurant looking for revenge against their killer.  They mistakenly go after Jeremy since they are unaware that the murderer was no longer a night guard.  Eventually, the real murderer is caught and is taken into police custody.  Jeremy Fitzgerald is scheduled to take the day shift the week after...until the "Bite of 87" happens.

My thoughts on the bite of 87 - In the original game, the phone guy mentions the event over the phone, and the blame was first thought to go to Foxy the Pirate Fox since he seemed the most likely to bite off "the frontal lobe."  However, with the advent of 5NaF 2, it's more likely that Mangle was the culprit and the victim was Jeremy Fitzgerald on his first and only day as a day shift security officer.  Foxy was in the back storage at the time of the "Bite of 87," and therefor could not have caused it.  Because the toy animatronics had built-in facial recognition software tied into the criminal database, Mangle's action had Jeremy become accused of the murders of the children. With his frontal lobe having been bitten off, Jeremy was either left mute or completely comatose.  Either way, he was unable to tell his side of the story, and with no evidence to convict the real murderer, Jeremy remained in custody while the real murderer was released to continue his murders.

1987-1993 - Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria once again closes its doors and relocates.  This time, it re-opens in a smaller area due to budget restraints.  The four toy animatronics are scrapped, and the original Freddy, Foxy, Chica and Bonnie are recommissioned using parts of their toy counterparts. As with the previous location, Freddy and his friends stalk the restaurant at night looking for the security guard to apprehend and stuff into a suit as payback for their murders.  The phone guy records several messages for future night guards before being murdered.   A few days after that event, the new night guard, Mike Schmidt, manages to last 7 nights before being terminated for "tampering with the animatronics and foul odor."    The murderer returns once again, this time to finish off the animatronics.  Disguised in a Purple (Shadow) Freddy suit, he lures the animatronics away one by one and dismantles them.  The murderer is then encountered by the puppet and the five ghosts of his murder victims, and retreats to a secret room known only to a few staff members.  He tries to escape by hiding in the Spring Bonnie suit, but he forgets that he never removed the spring-locked endoskeleton inside and dies of several puncture wounds.  The safe room was sealed off, trapping the body for decades.  The restaurant closes down, this time permanently.

2023 - Fazbear's Fright : The Horror Attraction is due to open in a week to recreate the haunting experience of the old restaurants to tourists.  While scraps of the old animatronics are used for decoration, Spring Bonnie was unearthed from the sealed up secret room and brought to the attraction.  The ghost of the murderer gains possession of the withered animatronic, as well as his decayed body.  The security guard, who would later play the role of the security guard during the attraction's visiting hours, encounters "Spring Trap" as well as phantoms of old animatronics.  Just prior to opening day, a fire breaks out (due to "faulty wiring") and destroys the attraction along with most of the items.  What little that was salvaged was sold at auctions.

Depending on how 5NaF 3 is played, there are two possible endings - 1) Springtrap survived the fire and the ghosts of the five children will remain forever at unrest in limbo.  2) Springtrap died in the fire and the ghost of the children can now rest in peace as they are set free into the afterlife.


3) While it was presumed Springtrap died, it may have escaped and the ghost of the murderer is condemned to remain in that body...For-ev-for!  For-ev-for!  For-ev-for!  For-ev-for!
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I'm thinking about having the old BLaJ Adventures available for download for those who wish to see it. Should I? 

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